We Comply with Folks We Enjoy

It’s simple for some folks to make us enjoy them.

Generally, we are generally more compliant toward folks we enjoy, and wily compliance professionals understand which variables make us enjoy someone.

One factor is physical attractiveness. It generates a so called halo effect, meaning that we often see people that are attractive as clever, kind and fair. Worryingly, we even often vote for more attractive candidates in political elections!

We tend to enjoy individuals who are similar to ourselves in a way and ’re also suckers for flattery. That is why salespeople claim some link to us or our background and frequently compliment us: “That’s a fine tie, blue is my favorite too!”

An especially powerful factor in enjoying someone is working for a few shared aim (“being on the same team”). The ill-famed good cop/bad cop interrogation process applies this factor to a terrific extent: after a defendant is verbally abused by the bad cop, the sort and understanding good policeman stands up for the defendant, seeming in the manner of a buddy and trusted confidante and consequently frequently evoking a confession.

Finally, the things we associate with individuals are extremely important for likeability. Weathermen, for example, have gotten death threats for accurately forecasting poor weather, mainly since they’re correlated with that. On the flip side, while eating tasty food, if we learn about something, we have a tendency to associate the matter in question with the favorable feelings aroused by the food.

To protect ourselves against exploitation that is likeability, we must ask ourselves whether we have come to enjoy someone or something extraordinarily strongly in a brief time. This might be due to some form of exploitation, if so.

We comply with folks we like, and it is not difficult for some people to make us like them.


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