Know Your Characters

Every great story has characters that are memorable, and every aspiring writer would like to figure out the way to create them. Thus how can you create characters that are unforgettable?

To generate characters that are amazing, you’ve got to really get to learn them. Subsequently, as soon as they are understood by you, your occupation as a writer will be to bring them to life.


Every character, like every man that is actual, possesses an acre that is mental.

In your narrative, it’s significant to get a feeling of every character’s acre that is mental. What’s flowering, what’s expiring? What state is the property in?

Then take a look that is in-depth: What goes on to them?

It’s mandatory that you let terrible things happen to them. Should they act flawlessly and live a perfect existence, your narrative is likely to be level and routine – like regular life.

One method to do this can be to model a character’s style on someone you know in actual life, as this gives your character a true voice.

Bringing characters to life also means letting dialogue and storyline to come forth from them. To get this done you must comprehend them. From this understanding, dialogue and your storyline will grow naturally.

With challenging scenarios for them, come up, and visualize how they might respond.

Don’t forget that dialogue can reveal more in regards to a character than the usual drawn-out description.

Eventually, to produce dialogue that is great, read it to assess how realistic it seems and pay attention to how real people speak. Listen carefully – What differentiates how that they talk?

Need some ideas?

Ten Random Female Character Names

Alyssa Doreen Lowe
Crystal Jenny Frederick
Fannie Juana Williams
Fran Pollard
Lina Alyssa Brewer
Peggy Bradford
Rosanne Luann Sanders
Susan Harper
Tammie Pittman
Tessa Carey

Ten Random Male Character Names

Alec Houston
Carl Jae Hammond
Fausto Dickerson
Fausto Marcelo Hopper
Jason Jerrell Kirk
Lawrence Brian Bryant
Neil Rodger Horton
Preston Avila
Wallace Miller
Williams Eddie Mack

Some Weird Character Names with Personality

These have a fantasy element to them…
Burning Crossbow
Chaotic Vestment
Diadem of Radiance
Ensorceled Earl of Eminence and Nothingness
Ethereal Agony
Icon of the Insane Temple
Monk with Eyes of Turquoise That Thinks in the Maze of Sorcery
Obsidian of the Desert
The Golden Teacher Holding the Coral Trident and That Keeps the Tower of Need
The Steel Hunter Who Seeks Greed
The Ancestral Duke
The Benevolent Seeker That Visits the Jester
The Charismatic Burning Traveller That Rejects the Elder
The Crazed Purple Marquessa
The Final Knight That Endures Fortune
The Grand Champion
The Ruthless Bloodstained Duke in Always
The Serene Cleric
The Seventh Queen Gifted with the Aquamarine Arrow
The Steel Joker

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